Two days with Snow Patrol




This month, my hubby and I were fortunate enought to make two live shows of one of our very favorite bands, Snow Patrol. 

We took a little road trip to Nashville after seeing them in Atlanta and attending a local radio show taping at  the W Buckhead.  We have seen them around 15 times now in various cities  and their shows get bigger and better with each passing performance.   And on each of the last couple of tours, they have added a new member to the ensemble.  This time, they had a new keyboard player/vocalist who also joined their acoustic set at the radio station.   Their set for the radio show included:  Called Out In The Dark, Chasing Cars, Fallen Empires, Weight Of Love.   They were as usual, very comical and stayed after to sign everyon’s posters take pictures.  Check out those pictures at Star94
The concert in Atlanta was at The Tabernacle, an old church, perfect for their sound and vibe.   There was a huge screen behind them with a fantastic video display and the light show was amazing!  They intro’d with a new song, Berlin, remixed and a series of different images on the screen.   One of their newest members, Richard from Belle & Sebastian, was on a variety of instruments throughout the night.   And they had big drums going on during Fallen Empires, which sounded so awesome!  The entire band was spot on and the sound filled the room! 
The venue was sold out and everyone was having a great time, dancing and singing along to most songs.  To our delight, they played An Olive Grove Facing The Sea, one of our favorite songs by them!  The three song encore was one big sing along, what a night!!   It’s amazing to see how much their fan base has expanded!  
At the end of the night, we noticed there were two 18 wheelers for the equipment for their production.   I later heard that they have about 5 times as many in the UK and Europe since they play much larger venues there!    Then a couple of girls who were trying to leave, were locked out of their parking deck.  It was one girls’ 21st birthday, so since we weren’t much help, we gave them one of our signed posters from the radio show and hopefully it made their night better!


Here is the setlist:
  • Berlin (Remix)

  • Hands Open

  • Take Back The City

  • Crack the Shutters

  • This Isn’t Everything You Are

  • Run

  • In the End

  • New York

  • Set the Fire to the Third Bar

  • An Olive Grove Facing the Sea

  • Make This Go On Forever

  • Shut Your Eyes

  • Chasing Cars

  • Chocolate

  • Called Out In The Dark

  • Fallen Empires

  • You’re All I Have

  • =Encore=

  • Lifening

  • Open Your Eyes

  • Just Say Yes


 The next day, got up and drove to Nashville, grabbed some dinner and headed over to the  Ryman Theater which is the original home of The Grand Ol’ Opry!  It’s very church like and is similar to The Tabernacle without all the artwork.   One more difference is that they have pews throughout, not that we let that keep us from dancing, singing, hooting and hollering! 



   Gary is quite a frontman and was very jovial with the crowd all night, including the gentleman in the front row who didn’t stand the whole show.  He gave him the business a few times, but all it was very much all in fun!  He really engages the audience, coaxes them to have fun and sing along!   It’s all about the interactive concert experience to them, they really want you to fell their music and just let go a little while there. 
The set was very similar except no Olive Grove….luckily we were in the Atlanta crowd(which remained by far the better and more fun crowd the entire show)!



If you are a fan and only have the last couple or so cd’s make sure to check out the rest of their discograpy at www.snowpatrol.com.  Also follow them on twitter:  
Please comment, especially if you were there!! xo, Bella





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