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Have you ever been at a spa relaxing in their robe/flip flops, before the blissfullness of an hour massage starts, and thought ‘wow, these shoes are so comfortable’?   Well, if you look where the heel of the foot sits and see a little blue oval tab that says “Oka-b“, then no wonder!!


 These spa style shoes (even carried in some spas such as Exhale) are not only made in the USA, but right here outside of Atlanta in Buford, GA!  They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn and I’ve hardly worn any others since I got them!  My favorite are the ballet slippers, but the thongs are always great as well.  I don’t usually opt for the slides,  but I  love the flip flops and I do know that all of them are like walking on air with each step!


There is on a great story behind the shoe and detail behind the design on their website and of course plenty of  shopping(they’re having a sale now!)!

This is where I learned a lot of the information in some of the statements in the next several paragraphs.  I love these things about the shoes, what a great idea in footwear! 

They have come up with some very cute styles and only use one piece of material, which is what keeps the shoes durable(example:  sometimes the bottom of most shoes comes out, eventually, when you take your foot out….these do not!).

Their shoes have massage beads that feel very relaxing on the feet as you walk.   They are made with reflexology in mind and have an ergonomic footbed that shape to the actual curves of your feet.

 Oka-b’s *(the following straight from oka-b.com) are made from Microplast which is technology that provides a lightweight, flexible shoe and  it’s chemical makeup is Poly Vinyl Chloride which is actually made from salt and fossil fuel.  

Not only that, but it is recyclable material.  Once you are finished and actually want to take them out of your closet, then you can send them to their corporate headquarters and the shoes will be ground and mixed in with the virgin material to make new shoes!  Check online for this program.


They have tons of colors to choose from and  a lot of super cute adornments on some of the styles.  They are easy to clean and sanitize, you can actually put these shoes in the dishwasher(ONLY if they do NOT have attachments).  

They are slip resistant, antimicrobial,  resist growth of  mildew and fungus, odor resistant and  don’t scratch or leave marks on the floor!  Also the colors don’t fade, what more can possibly I say?


The ballet flats are my personal favorite!

The prices are amazing, all being under $50 and you can store them easily since they’re small, in case you do choose to wear high heels when you are first seen by friends/coworkers.  I want to have a pair in all my bags, so I always have one with me!


In a nutshell, I highly recommend these wonderful shoes…..these could really end up being as hot and trendy an item as Tory Burch!!










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