Health Recipes: Cauliflower Mash



This is a great substitute for  mashed potatoes, especially if you are trying to stay away from carbs. 

Ingredients: Cauliflower(a head or a bag of already cut), milk, cream cheese,and either pepperjack, monterey jack or cheese slices plus a packet of country gravy mix. 
Steam cauliflower in microwave either in the bag or cut cauliflower into florets(removing the chunky stems) and put in a microwave safe bowl.  Add half milk/half water until the bottom is covered and cook until soft. 
Once cooked, add 2 tablespoons of cream cheese(low fat preferrably) and a tad more milk, also sprinkle in about a tablespoon of country gravy mix.  Add salt and pepper to taste and then mash until it is the consistency you would normally like for mashed potatoes.  Then add either 2 slices of cheese or about an inch of cubed cheese.   Place back in microwave to reheat for about a minute and then let cool a minute before serving. 
A delicious and nutricious and pleasantly easy side dish!

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