Exhale Core Fusion Pure Arms and Abs DVD review and giveaway

This is the final DVD giveaway for a while and the winner will be chosen on opening day at Exhale Spa Midtown Atlanta on Wednesday, September 1st.

Pure Arms and Abs is really focus workout and uses resistance bands and weights, the DVD includes a band for added bonus!

The first section is arms with weights.  It’s a standing series and you work every part of your arms, shoulder and upper back as well as your entire core area.  It is very focused and intense, but really sculpts the upper body and works on form and posture.  These weight variations are featured at Exhale Spa Core Fusion classes across the country.

Section two is arms with resistance bands.  Also, a standing series, you do a variety of exersices to tone and sculpt the upper body and core.  It’s great using the bands because you can grab them from lower or higher depending on your own level.  It is a great series and is featured in the Core Fusion Sport classes at exhale spa.

The third and fourth sections both use resistance bands to work the abdomen.  The first of the two is working in the Curl (the signature Core Fusion position) and works very deep in the abdominal muscles to create and “8 pack”.  It requires a lot of focus, discipline and patience to master this move and will change the shape of the abdomen and stretches & strengthens your back.   The 2nd ab section is using leg variations, with the band around your  feet of your outstretched legs(hip width apart)…you lower into top of  the waist holding the bands, pulling your legs up towards the sky then start working some curl variations. Another intense section.

Lastly, is just about the best 10 minute stretch series ever and is featured in most Core Fusion classes.    Check out  the classes at Exhale Spa Midtown Atlanta to get maximum results along with the DVDs!   Opening September 1st with a Grand Opening on the 15th, details to come! www.exhalespa.com

Also, bonuses are featured, you need to buy or WIN the DVD Exhale Core Fusion Pure Abs and Arms to find out!

Please leave a comment to be entered to win the DVD!!!


  • August 30, 2010 | Permalink |

    I would love to win this DVD! Goodness knows I love Core Fusion and my abs and arms need more of it. I struggle with planks now and would love to target that weakness.

  • Jennifer
    August 31, 2010 | Permalink |

    I’ll take the DVD!

  • Bella
    September 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    And this giveaway called for another draw a name from a hat….so with a 50/50 chance, Jen wins it! And yes you will take the DVD, see you soon with that! Thanks for playing Sara, sorry, but more surprises down the road:) Xo

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