Broken Social Scene at The Orange Peel Asheville, NC 09/09/2010


Since Broken Social Scene couldn’t quite find their way to Atlanta, we knew we would have to take a little road trip somewhere to see them again. So, we chose Asheville, a lovely little mountain town with very friendly residents. We had been there before, to the exact same venue to see the exact same band, and we absolutely love it there!

The venue was sold out, as expected, and was packed with eager fans waiting to hear all of their favorite songs. We had a preview set list that we downloaded from another recent show, but this set was very different. Having so much material to pull from, they are able to change it up when desired and have on occasion sculpted set lists around fan requests.

The great thing about Broken Social Scene is that almost everyone in the band is always doing something, whether it’s hitting some drums, playing keyboards or singing…the stage prescence is electric!  You never know who will be playing bass, for instance, or who will be singing the main vocals in a song or who will be playing which horns.  They keep the crowd excited and always bring the energy level way up, especially when they point their instruments up to the sky.   They always make sure to keep the crowd  are involved and you can tell they truly enjoy it!   Most of the band members are quite comical as well, in fact at times it feels like a comedy act as well as a live show.

The band consisted of the core members: Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, Andrew Whiteman, Sam Goldberg, Justin Peroff, Charlie Spearin, David French and the lovely Lisa Lobsinger. They seemed rather energetic and frisky that night and plowed through a couple oldies and some new greats: like Guilty Cubicles, Superconnected, World Sick and Texico Bitches. When they played 7/4 Shoreline and Lisa tiptoed onto the stage and started singing, the crowd went wild. They went into such songs with female vocals as Fire Eye’d Boy after that.    We were ecstatic when they played some favorites like Art House Director, All To All and  Soul Unwind  (an Apostle Of Hustle song that Lisa sings on). 

We were very surprised to hear Hotel, but you know they have to keep you on your toes(as well as themselves entertained). However, we were totally taken by surprise with Pacific Theme and Ibi Dreams Of Pavement at the end instead of It’s All Gonna Break. We loved hearing some songs we weren’t expecting  and having a little mystery, it really added to the night. The lighting and sound were amazing, thanks to Marty and Aaron, as well as the venue!

This night was one to be remembered, it kept smiles on our faces for weeks to come…I’m grinning as I type this…


Bella Moda

PS Here’s the setlist: Guilty Cubicles, Superconnected, World Sick, Texico Bitches, 7/4 Shoreline, Fire Eye’d Boy, Cause=Time, Chase Scene, Forced To Love, Art House Director, Soul Unwind, All To All, Hotel, KC Accidental, Sweetest Kill, Lovers Spit, Meet Me In The Basement

Encore: Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl, Pacific Theme, Ibi Dreams Of Pavement

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